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October 11th - DEAD SWELLS with the WES, BOB & BILL SHOW

October 11, 2019 06:00 PM until October 11, 2019 11:00 PM



Columbia five-piece pop-rock band Dead Swells formed in 2016 and is rapidly taking over The Carolina’s. They released a five-track self-titled EP on Aug. 3. The disc’s layered electric guitars and drums battle it out for the lead rhythmic position, creating a unique blend in which the bass and vocals serve as supporting characters. First track “Be Here” opens with a reverb-laced surf introduction before grooving into a catchy melodic guitar line highlighted by crisp distant drums and effervescent vocals. “Losing” delves into a wavy guitar lick and sweetly distorted pop elements. Then, “Get Us Home” arrives with a steady rhythmic drumbeat and a flowing guitar melody complemented by grungy, echoed vocals. A funk element is introduced in last track “In Your Head,” which uses harmonized fingerpicking to create a feathery, whimsical atmosphere.